Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Nu- Clear vision, the symbol of the times themselves, the ultimate, you are being issued to grasp it.

Talks for EDF Energy to build nuclear plants 'could fail within weeks’

Talks between EDF Energy and the Government over building Britain’s first new nuclear plant in a generation are at “crisis point” and could fail within weeks because of deadlock over subsidies for the project.

(The Telegraph online, UK, 4 March 2013.)


Good. The propositions really need to fail. This is a dim, dim government who, if they will be able to take a step back in the future after their term ends, each personally will feel very confused and ashamed at what they have been trying to do. They are sleepwalking in nightmares. I wonder if they'll be able to take a step back in the future, in this life.
I guess this well-known nuclear plant centre didn’t inform the public about very real elements of British nuclear power right on the site.


I’m always disgusted when governments, for example David Cameron’s current batch, despite the disasters such as in Japan recently, decide to go ahead facilitating new nuclear power plants. Then, though, you find out the more amazing truth that this country cannot even manage the sites it already has. It’s amazing how keen some people are to hide and make you forget the truth about nuclear power – the cancer, deaths, birth defects, torturous conditions of so many people who have lived within miles of nuclear power plants not recorded as ever malfunctioning.
I live at the seaside, on the coast of the world's most contaminated sea, the Irish Sea, nearly directly opposite Sellafield, in another quarter of the UK, on the coast of Northern Ireland. I can really, really feel things. I don't go swimming in there, myself. (I'm vegetarian, so anyway I avoid the fish.) When I was a boy, my family had a holiday home on the coast in the Republic of Ireland, a distance south of the Sellafield location in England. As the children around grew up, along with the adults, people started saying they weren't going in the sea anymore. People stopped bathing, because of the water and Sellafield. They made faces, their faces grew strange when talking about the last times they went bathing in the sea.



"Nuclear" or nu-clear, new reality, or issued vision. It's when - the time when - power is anti-power; power is destruction - power and destruction, power in destruction, destruction in power; destruction before power but in the abstract conceptual realm, on the actual timescale the destruction comes after the "power" or at least some of it.
(That is true with the home fuelling variety, the weapons grade variety is perhaps more honest, as you indicate. The power IS the destruction, they come at the same time. While, yet, even with that real, symbolic reality, the power comes free at a time from the full extent of the destruction, the destruction that happens closer to home with one bomb sent to the other side of the world alone, is not felt, and is hidden, until later.)

"Nu-clear" - the symbolic definition of much of the times. The new reality in the issued vision - it's unique - you're being told to seize it - where power is more than just power, where power goes beyond power, goes beyond what it possibly could be as it has become anti-power as well - the essence of destruction. Where now, with power, you really can, conceptually have your cake and still have eaten it, because power is both what it is and the opposite. This is the new world.



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  1. Added: A comment from an ex worker, published to an awful, unthinking Guardian article.

    HarrysGame midnightrambler1971
    23 Jul 2014 17:36

    "A very good point. When I was recruited by a project company to plan the decommissioning of Sellafield I had to sign the official secrets act. The full price of decommissioning was so astronomic that it threatened the government, and it was many times the official total.

    It is possible that the latest Thorium generation 4 reactors could be much cheaper producing less waste and even acing as a fuel breeder but theses are not the type being built by EDF at a high cost with no commitment to decommission in the pricw"