Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Nothing lingers on, ideally.

Just some thoughts, made quickly, today. It's been a while since a post, while I've thought a lot about posting a number of things that would mean a normal weblog was continuing with some interest and attatchment, perhaps even a bit of excited zeal on my part. In the normalness of it all. I never thought I'd write a weblog. And so the unfamiliarity of the notion can seize me, despite that I am prevented doing much by my consistently driving ill conditions.
So, back to the start. Nothing new. Just some thoughts, made quickly, today.
I've thought them many times when I came across this nursery rhyme type song with disco beats.
(This is not in the House Music series of tracks I share and write about, it's pop music but works for many in a club.)
Kleerup featuring Titiyo,
Longing for Lullabies (2009)
To begin this strange thought-sharing seminar, listen to Longing for Lullabies - play the video (buy if you are taken) - and particularly listen to the lyrics.
Now, here I go ...
  • It's not true.
  • All we leave behind does not linger on longing for lullabies.
  • It all goes to a nice place unless it deserves to go to, & only fits in, a bad place.
  • I think only the latter would be longing for lullabies.
  • And, in that case, aw, yes, unfortunate bits ought to get lullabies, truly.
  • Give them their lullabies. Reform & revive.
  • But, no, please don't insist they linger on here in this world of increasing illuminati led class wars & social victimisation leading to confused people.