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The problem with that London bolt-hole in Knightsbridge is that it does get rather stuffy after a while and, unfortunately, one does tend to feel rather claustrophobic: JULIAN ASSANGE AND THE FUTURE.

Julian Assange and the future: The potential rescue opera.

Interior scene, the potential rescue opera

A 2013 perspective (late June) given the upscaling of things due to the Snowden situation.

The answer to Assange and the very tricky problem of  unfortunate captivity in an Embassy lies in 2 main parts, the only answer, I'm guessing (but then, maybe I just need more faith).

Part 1: KIDNAP.

Part 2: A sympathetic anti-fascist organisation. Or an organisation against a reality of international conglomeration of nations pretending to enforce their national rules of law but  which have been developing and entrenching a world defined by borderless jurisdictions / jurisdiction (the pursuit of the single, international jurisdiction for many, or rather, any bodies of law).

The organisation I'm just imagining is disposed to deal with the problem: How can many countries' jurisdictions extend to much or most of the globe, especially when the issue is proposed treason of a single nation, but many believe, including experts, really amounts to exposing human rights abuse? The organisation believes this is highly wrong.

Take the situation this year with Snowden, one year after Assange moved into the Ecuadorean embassy in London. Even the USSR was not allowed to do what the USA now believes it can do with much of the world now - it's federal, all world fascism.Then they go further when countries do not meet their extra-jurisdictional demands and threaten China, Russia and Ecuador with such things as future trade restrictions made upon the current trade situation. (Is that not something approaching the sordid worlds of blackmail or extortion, if this were personal? Could it be bribery, when Ecuador believes it will and has the right to make a personal decision of asylum over Snowden, always in removal from other concerns, such as extradition agreements? For the USA to suppose that their extradition agreements will override what can be constitutional or similar core values of a country, such as the right to award asylum, just reveals their ever increasing dumbness. In any event, extradition is decided by case in every country I think, and most countries have refused others their extradition requests in cases. So the USA's threats upon Ecuador seem to amount to something else.)

So, after the soap box, back to the simple two part plan to save Assange from his cabin fever and allow him to experience all of the delights of the equitorial rainforest as he matures.

Here's a proposed situation.

When the guard seems at a low, one dark hour, our underground organisation (who have no connection with Julian Assange) have an old, working helicopter, approved and with approved registered pilots (false names or something, I don't know, or maybe they all get asylum!).

Assange takes delivery of a trunk in the Embassy by himself, which he opens, surprised to find a small, army trained man quickly leap out, silence Assange and pin him down and tie him up, administering a quick knockout drug also. Within a couple of minutes, the guest has opened the mini balcony window / door, allowing someone in the helicopter which quickly flies there, to fire a bolt  on a line into the room. This is unwrapped and contains securings for two bodies on the line, as in rescue helicopters. Assange and his kidnapper sit on the window edge and are winched up as the helicopter ascends, and within half a minute proceeds to outer London. At a disused field there are 30 cars waiting. All in the helicopter bail out by parachute to the field, setting the vehicle to crash in more disused land close by (it does, is blown up, no-one is injured, or at least you don't see it like in the original A-Team episodes).

The kidnappers put Assange in one of the 30 cars. The cars are sent out in all directions, as police vehicles will just be getting the message to follow. The car with Assange heads for somewhere on the outskirts of London, somewhere quite built up. Assange is taken from the car in a trunk and put in a safe house.

Assange is kidnapped, out of the embassy, but in danger of capture from the British authorities, but they'd never really find him. (His phone and any other way of identifying him through the airwaves have been removed.) The captors take a recording of Assange saying that he has been kidnapped, is being treated well, and doesn't know where he is. At another location, the tape audio is then relayed to the British authorities, Ecuadoreans and the media.

The next bit goes, of course, that the kidnappers of the underground organisation against global, borderless jurisdiction somehow get Mr Assange to Ecuador, as it happens, conveniently for Mr Assange, I suppose. There Mr Assange witnesses the beauty and difference of the equatorial rainforest, in many visits to primary forest over the years, I suppose (again).

I don't know how the getting him to Ecuador bit is achieved. If there are enough people in the organisation, maybe it's not difficult. Do they just need to get the man to Jersey, (or, some say Switzerland) for Ecuador to take over? If not, then Morocco or Algeria may be an option (do they have extradition agreements with Sweden - or even UK, if wanted for breaching bail terms?)

Morocco, perhaps is not too hard. A private boat to France. Stowed in a camper van driven through France, Spain, Portugal, though this is fraught due to the European Arrest Warrant. But the countries do not know Assange is passing through, and why would they be searching camper vans?

There's the answer. Convoluted? Yes. But the only answer? It's hard to say - what other possibilities are there? So a possibility? All depends on if there happens to be some kind of underground organisation which could be hanging around somewhere with the aims I've been imagining. And the resources and kind of training or experience or aptitude with planning and carrying this out. I guess some secret services "defectors" or former specialist army personnel with some kind of experience would have to be involved, but really could be from any relevant countries. There are probably many of those.

From a site in the first google search result, this ex army machine
is going at the reasonable price within the range of £150,000 to £200,000,
necessitating wealthy organisation members or donors.
The small factor of an expert pilot able to descend
within the towers of Knightsbridge
and ascend once more within seconds in darkness
ought not be overlooked also.
Heck, this notion is so 'captivating',
it ought to become a fictional movie at the least:
"Escape from Killer Drab Victorian Tower Land" (inspired by
a true situation involving celebrated / reviled human rights, liberties,
state accountability and openness of information
journalist / activist, Julian Assange.)



Oh dear, how could this cabin fever predicament be resolved?

One thing, the impossibility of the situation of liberation from the Knightsbridge square metres together with the awfulness of it after so long is only telling as to why it remains the reality for Mr Assange. The great difficulty anyone at all would have, Assange himself, persons known to him or persons unknown to him, or any combination (!) in attempting to patriate him with his recently adopted country by asylum, is monumentally forbidding. Let's not call it an impossibility, but Godammit, is it something so hard! Yes. So very, very hard.

What this brought home to me is the seriousness of the situation itself, beyond the walls of the Embassy actually, best appreciated in comparing the Embassy experience with the alternative, if Mr Assange walks out with hands up.

The Edward Snowden situation could not leave anyone in any doubt whatsoever that as soon as Mr Assange would be walking on British or Swedish soil, the Americans would have diplomats arriving to further the goal of the US extradition papers faxed literally within seconds of the news (or silently already waiting, accepted and agreed to, in some particular cupboards somewhere in Europe).

Whatever happens regarding a trial over some women who so strangely popped up in Sweden, whether Assange would be convicted of something in Europe or not, the Australian secretive journalist would be subject to serious extradition moves by the USA in one or other of these countries which both have normal US extradition agreements. These agreements typically mean being honoured.

The UK or Sweden may well seek not to extradite in such a circumstance unless the USA pledge not to exterminate Mr. Assange, but the USA will do anything to get their hands on this man. Anything this time (after much protest over the sovereignty of their American rule of law and constitutional right to choose how that is exercised) may mean swallowing a lump in their mouths this time and accepting they don't get to electrocute he who seems such a petty but impetuous, uncomprehending upstart. I don't doubt that the Americans will do this if challenged. I can easily see those powers who can seem to like to be the powers-that-be beyond their own shores, settling for the international example made of Assange in a highest security prison for the remaining years of his natural life.

And so, beyond that demand a European country can make, I can see nothing stopping those who could hold Assange from extraditing him to "serve" out the rest of his natural years in the land of the American dream.



In this sense, if the best Mr Assange could expect from not remaining in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London is most or all years of his life in a similarly sized or smaller room, and with yard and hall time shared with nasty and dangerous people who don't hold back, the appeal of the walls and few square metres of Knightsbridge remain undeniable. Claustrophobia, it seems, reigns everywhere, in any direction Mr Assange looks, from his London window view.

Unless that underground organisation is springing itself into action at a time before Mr Assange's cabin fever drives him mad enough to insist to himself that he goes for a walk in the street one day, with consequences that he never gets the chance to do so ever again, anywhere.

For those who are not aware,
this fanciful but possible, yes, possible, hypothetical situation
thus far has hidden the fact that Ecuador's London Embassy
lies on the ground floor apartment of the building in
Hans Crescent, Knightsbridge, simply standing a few metres away
from the trained (probably specialist) police
on the ground, outside. Hence the demands are increased
for the right kind of helicopter pilot than would be required
for higher floors, let me say, um, well, really, really, really
substantially. But, yes, yes, possible, still possible.
A further, adapted, realistic situation may involve knocking out
more than just Mr Assange with an injection, but funny gas and masks
or the liberating proletariat of the non-borderless world.
Such a shame, perhaps, that Ecuador's Embassy in London was chosen for a ground floor in a high, old mansion block.
Still there are ways around this. There must be for God only makes answers, of course, never the complete dearth of them.
Somehow kidnappers #2, 3 and 4 have been waiting upon the roof of the building with a secured winch. When our quicksilver reflex guest in a hamper, kidnapper #1, has done with Mr Assange (drugged, bound and secured to a harness), he quickly connects the harness to the exactly measured line, muscle bound kidnappers #2, 3 and 4 have quickly and silently thrown down in darkness to the famous window / semi- balcony.
The stuporific Mr Assange is hoisted quickly by winch a few floors, out of quick reach of the police on the ground.
Within seconds, the helicopter which has been flying close by is above the roof, it's own line instantly upon the roof at Mr #2, 3 and 4 who in 5 seconds secure the line of the dangling Mr Assange by a secondary branch to the helicopter line, severing the primary branch from the winch at the same time.
This is all much safer for Mr Assange, who is no longer required to be taken by a helicopter coming between mansion blocks in order to shoot a bolt through an open window. The aircraft stays high and quickly ascends even higher, moving towards the rendezvous point at great speed. Mr Assange is further protected by a thermal layer and inflatable cat suit, for the helicopter will be some distance above a certain field of waiting treehuggers with varied vehicles, and though Mr Assange may be drugged, he could still be hurt potentially without the inflatable cat suit. (I'm not sure which model, there are various, including an eyecatching red, bulbous version which I haven't included here for the sake of not wishing the serious hypothetical situation deviate too much from adherence to seriousness and principles of truth. Yet, if you fancy the idea of such a catsuit, personally, it is easy to find in a google image search.)
In true 70s espionage film spirit, kidnappers #2,3 and 4 have pre-attatched a pulley descent line from the rear of 3 Hans Crescent to the lower roof or a lower balcony / window of a neighbouring building. And yet another one from either that roof or a different apartment within that building. (Other side, of course). Via two sharp descents on pulley wires, the three escape into waiting vehicles, and are taken to a nearby safe flat, lost in the expanses of appartment blocks of Battersea or somewhere.
And what of kidnapper #1 in the new situation? Well, perhaps he fancies being a martyr in terms of long term imprisonment (or shooting by police), or perhaps he too is cat suited (memory foam this time?) and harnessed to the line along with the inflated Assange. That sounds to be how it would happen, yes.
Possible, remember. Possible.

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