Saturday, 30 March 2013

Real beauty; balearic ambience from Francois Kevorkian

I cannot resist sharing this one.

This is so beautiful.

Reminds of '88 to '92 and ambient stuff and Balearic / Ibiza ambient stuff and also some British stuff engulfed in the ambience of that type of house, like Innocence and also some French ambient and deep stuff which I can't remember at all, but that Roger S and L Garnier played bits of them or more. (Saw Laurent last month at Stiff Kitten, Belfast. Very nice.)

It can always be annoying being ill so much of the time. Maybe I'm getting more used to it, emotionally, rationally. And then it can seem as if bad fate is just throwing something at you to annoy you further. Francois Kevorkian made a very rare Northern Irish appearance last month, in Londonderry. I was dying to go, but I knew well in advance I was just not well enough to make it there, alas.

The Time Is Now by Moloko, Francois K's Blissed Out Dub

BUY The Time is Now (Francois K's Blissed Out Dub) by Moloko

** ... even if you do end up at Amazon. Where else is there? I've gone through quite a lot of a web page listing supposed online record stores selling and posting C.D.s. But nearly all either have gone down or don't maintain a website for online sales.

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