Monday, 14 January 2013

Basic, therapeutic clarification to help with to breathe and see. Usually this is something very obvious that's seldom stated.

Life is no journey. It's totally different. Journeys are always distinguishable. Yes, there are elements of "journeys" which are also elements of life. Or, you could say, some journey elements correspond with or are similar to elements of life. But, if life were a journey, it would be in the book with the distances and times and rail stops and prices, whether the Thomas Cook European book or some North American book. But "life" is simply not in those books. That's because, actually, life has never been a journey. Just as you cannot find life or any part of life in books of games - any part of life that is not actually a game in those books, with names like Basketball, I Spy etc.
No game. (Or would be in the books of games, with a name and description.)
No journey. (Or would be in those travel route compendiums.)
So what it is it?
So what is it?
So what is it?
 So what is it?

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