Sunday, 9 September 2012

Promotionally sharing a current chilled but groovy balearic house / club record which I think is super.
This was released in the summer, a couple of months ago,
and will continue to deserve to be heard much.
Both the remixer and the band, who some describe as "indie" (they are not really) are involved with electronic club music.

If you like this gorgeous track, why not go to the Youtube page,
and easily follow the links in the description to purchase the download (from 99p GBP)
or the vinyl record (full EP - 3 tracks).

The remixer, Yves Rymden Dansskola are a pair based in Norway who have been making classic chill, traditional Balearic style house and club music for a few years now.

Ytre Rymden Dansskola remix
"Head First Then Heart"
Flowers and Sea Creatures.

BUY HERE NOW (available as download digital file, also as vinyl): 

      Or from

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